FL Supreme Court Orders Pizzi Suspension Revoked

MIAMI LAKES (CBSMiami) – The attorney for Michael Pizzi, the suspended mayor of Miami Lakes, said he expects Pizzi to return to office.

According to Benedict Kuehne, he expects Governor Rick Scott to revoke and rescind the suspension order immediately.

This comes after the Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pizzi, Monday, and gave Governor Scott 11 days to lift the suspension.

“My name is Michael Pizzi and I am the mayor of the great, beautiful, wonderful town of Miami Lakes,” Pizzi said Monday night.

Scott issued the new executive order Monday evening to revoke the suspension.

While the suspension is revoked, the order from the Supreme Court does not require Pizzi be put back in office.

Suspended Mayor Michael Pizzi was acquitted of federal bribery charges in August and requested Miami Lakes reinstate him as Mayor.

“It was completely ridiculous,” said Pizzi.  “I never should’ve been charged, I never should’ve been removed and I should have been reinstated as Mayor the day I was exonerated, so I feel relief.”

Pizzi set off a long legal battle to be reinstated to the office.

The town’s charter does not fully explain whether after a person is cleared of charges should reinstated to the position.

Kuehne said he expects the temporary Mayor of Miami Lakes, Wayne Slaton, to step aside for Pizzi to return to his seat through 2016.

According to CBS4 news partner, The Miami Herald, Town Attorney Raul Gastesi maintained Monday that Miami Lakes has a mayor picked by voters in a special election — and stressed that Florida’s high court “has only ordered the governor to lift the mayor’s suspension,” not return him to office.

Src: https://miami.cbslocal.com/2014/12/22/fl-supreme-court-orders-pizzi-suspension-revoked/

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