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If needed, Florida better-equipped for presidential vote recount

By Neo | September 2, 2020

By Steven Rosenfeld, Voting Booth In November 2018, Florida faced its biggest recount nightmare since the 2000 presidential election. There were three statewide races to simultaneously recount, including a U.S. Senate race with a vexing problem. Days after the election, Sen. Bill Nelson, the Democratic incumbent, was trailing Republican Gov. Rick Scott by 12,500 votes. It looked […]

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Emergency petition urges Supreme Court to consider bar exam alternative

By Rodrigo Paredes | August 20, 2020

By Karl Etters More than 50 Florida attorneys are signing on to a request to the state’s Supreme Court, asking the justices to allow law school graduates to practice law — under strict conditions — without having to pass the bar examination. The emergency petition, if granted, would permit exam applicants to become lawyers after […]

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Legislators, Voters, FDP File Lawsuit Challenging Destruction of Election Materials By Florida Officials

By Rodrigo Paredes | July 2, 2020

TALLAHASSEE – Three Florida legislators running for re-election, along with eight voters and the Florida Democratic Party, have filed a legal action to prevent state and local election officials from continuing to destroy election materials critical for verifying election results. The lawsuit filed today in state court in Tallahassee asks that the ballot images automatically created […]

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South Florida Lawyer Works to Free British Man Who Claimed Pablo Escobar’s Cartel Framed Him

By Rodrigo Paredes | July 1, 2020

By Raychel Lean, Daily Business Review It’s been 27 years since Miami lawyer Benedict Kuehne and U.K. attorney Clive Stafford Smith began fighting for the release of a British citizen and former millionaire, jailed for a double murder he claims drug lord Pablo Escobar ordered back in Miami’s infamous ”cocaine cowboys” era. And now, a glimmer of hope, as […]

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Injured Victim of Police Shooting Releases Statement Calling for Police Reforms, June 27, 2020

By Rodrigo Paredes | June 27, 2020

PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 27, 2020 STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF LATOYA RATLIEFF Counsel for LaToya Ratlieff After shooting her in the head for peacefully and lawfully exercising her first amendment rights, Fort Lauderdale Police continue their assault on LaToya Ratlieff and her right to free speech. LaToya continues to lack vision in her […]

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